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Brow LIFT Lamination the newest trend for fluffy brows

Have you considered Brow Lift Lamination? You may have just noticed it on your sister's Instagram or on Tic Toc. What is it and what do you need to know about this new service that could potentially double your brows in size. Firstly, you should seek out an expert. You would think that it should go without saying but you don't need to have an Esthetician's License in the state of Maryland to perform this service. I know some tattoo artists that do it and while I think that is great, they are not well trained in skin, so do your research. Next, it will smell like sulfur. Are you familiar with that smell? It's just like good old rotten eggs after an Easter feast. But, rest assured I will give you a mask to wear for the service. Skin protecting cream is required before the lift but you may feel some warmth on the skin. Finally, the service is a chemical process similar to perming the hair. This will slightly damage the hair so you will leave with your own mini tube of castor oil to be applied day and night to re-hydrate the hair. If your brow hair is finer you may want to skip this all together. It is going to stretch out the hair and give you a fluffy and wild brow. If you like a more tamed look this may not be the service for you. Alternatively, if you have a small face huge brows may not suit. Check your face size to see what works best for you. Try Benefit's brow try on app to see different shapes with no commitment. I wouldn't suggest doing this service any sooner that every 2 months. This gives the hairs ample time to recover in between. The service is at least 1 hour it also includes threading as well as tinting so you won't need an extra appointment. Ask me today to see if this is right for you!

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